Due to the commitment of NUEVA DIETETICA S.L. With quality, food safety and the environment, from the Directorate of this company, and through this Integrated Policy, we want to transmit both to our members and to any person related to us or to our products, directly or indirectly, the Main commitments that we have defined in our company:

Reach and maintain the maximum satisfaction of our customers at all times, fulfilling their requirements.
Maintain the highest level of quality and food safety in all our products, guaranteeing safe products, and taking care of the environment at all times.
In order to maintain the maximum level of efficiency, the activities of NUEVA DIETETICA S.L. in procedures and technical instructions, and the Prerequisite Programs necessary for food quality assurance have been developed.
Management actively controls the way in which our products are stored and delivered, ensuring that the facilities are at the highest level of hygiene requirements for safe food storage.
The prevention of pollution, controlling the significant environmental aspects of the company, both those derived from the transport of products and those derived from the storage of these, minimizing the impact they generate on the environment, pursuing maximum respect and care for the environment .
Comply with the applicable regulations and whenever possible, go beyond the requirements that the organization subscribes.
Transmit and demand from our suppliers those quality and environmental requirements that apply to them in order to achieve greater impact control at the source.
Develop training, information, participation and awareness programs both in terms of food hygiene, environment and issues that favor the continuous improvement of the company, for all staff, in order to create a highly qualified and participatory staff in the Integrated System.
Maintain communication channels, both internal and external, that allow to respond to the information demands related to the management system. Likewise, interactive communication favors the continuous improvement of the management system through the proposals for improvement of our staff and customers.
Management undertakes to review this policy annually and make the necessary adjustments to the management system to ensure that its adequacy to legal requirements is maintained, that safe and high-quality products continue to be developed, and that the effectiveness of the system is continuously improved of integrated management of quality, environment and food safety.

This integrated policy will be exposed in the facilities of NUEVA DIETETICA S.L., and available to any person or entity that requests it and provides the framework to establish and review the objectives.

In Seville at December 3, 2015
Mr. Javier Luque Ruiz
Manager of Nueva Dietética S.L.